Help I Wrecked my ConnectWise!

I don’t watch a lot of mindless TV. I’d rather kick back and fly my Microsoft Flight Simulator or read a book.  The other day however, the in-laws were visiting and I though I should at least be in the same room as them. They were watching a show called “Help I Wrecked My House!”  On the show, HGTV favorite Jasmine Roth helps guide homeowners through fixing DIY projects gone horribly wrong. From a hodgepodge of minor mistakes to unlivable nightmares, the show features homeowners who have overestimated their DIY and project management abilities.

Getting ConnectWise up and running properly with all the capabilities requires a lot of time and experience. It’s tough. When you ConnectWise isn’t working as designed, it doesn’t only wreck the functionality, it also places stress on you and your team relationships. If you log in every day and have looming projects, deadlines and other fires, you just don’t know how to move forward.  So being able to fix your ConnectWise and make everything work well together for your team is really special.

I can’t help but think of all the DIY ConnectWise projects that have gone wrong, featuring business owners that have overestimated their available time or ability to successfully implement and properly maintain the software. The FocusPlanIT Team has been able to roll up our sleeves and help get ConnectWise working properly while helping MSPs and their teams become more productive by using all the features that ConnectWise has to offer.

Your ACTION List:

  1. Sit down with your in-laws and watch TV. (Or, just give yourself 30 minutes of mindless TV)
  2. Send an email to and let us help with your Wrecked ConnectWise

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