Development QA

This video has gone absolutely viral lately. I’ve watched it probably 50 times and laughed every.. single.. time..

I used to work on a development team back before my ConnectWise days, so I can definitely relate. It doesn’t just feel relatable to those of us that worked Dev though, it hits us all.

As a ConnectWise Consultant I’ve seen it time and time again. ConnectWise Partners come to us having implemented ConnectWise the best way they can, but they just can’t get everyone to use it as intended. Guess what, we can help.

At FocusPlanIT, we are experienced in helping you fill in the gaps you haven’t found time to finish. Our specialty is building your Playbooks that document every step and every screen. You can get excited about your business systems again and we’re here to help you get those fist pumps you had at the beginning, not the despair this girl has at the end of the video.

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