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Professional and Experienced ConnectWise Consulting and Administration

Meet the Team

Bill Black

Bill has owned 7 businesses, the most recent one (before FocusPlanIT) being a successful MSP. He grew the MSP organically and then accelerated the growth with training and support from CharTec. In 2012, he sold his MSP and started helping other MSPs with operations, sales process and a lot of business therapy! FocusPlanIT has provided implementation and business consulting, helping hundreds of companies of all types and sizes. Bill continue to work with companies like yours to achieve goals and get the work done. He enjoys a good cigar and spending time with family and friends.

Amy Cantine

Amy has 20+ years of accounting experience with 10 of those being a controller at a Fortune 500 company. Amy understands the importance of accurate financial info to not only help your business understand it's results but also forecast for the future and grow within the field. She has worked with large and small companies and excels at understanding the complexities of accounting and the integration with ConnectWise Manage. Amy also manages the accounting for her husband's successful MSP and enjoys relaxing on the beach.

Angie Hasenbank

Angie has 20+ years of accounting experience and owns a small business accounting firm. She also has spent 5 years in public accounting. She is a QuickBooks ProAdvisor and has worked with both small and large companies. She specializes in helping small businesses put together procedures to efficiently and accurately handle their accounting, whether it be through software integrations, handling all the day to accounting herself or working with CPAs to get books ready tax returns, thus allowing small business owners to focus on the ultimate goal of growing their business.

Calvin Johnson

Calvin served as the CW Sell Administrator for the ConnectWise Sales team starting in 2014 supporting a Sales Department of over one hundred members. In 2016 he transitioned into services and education and began working with the ConnectWise education department to build much of the ConnectWise University Sell documentation you see today. During that time he began implementing ConnectWise Sell and implemented hundreds of ConnectWise Sell partners remote and onsite. He built out the peer training program used by ConnectWise Sell consulting today and also took on the first Sell Virtual Admin partner while at ConnectWise. He taught breakouts, labs and bootcamps on Sell and Manage Procurement at over a dozen ConnectWise events through the years. After leaving ConnectWise in Mid 2019 Calvin joined FocusPlanIT to continue his passion for helping partners build more efficient processes that will help their business scale better and improve their lives as they get more and more out of ConnectWise Sell.

Becky Cozzone

Becky joined the industry in 2011 working with CharTec and ARRC. She spent 7 years training MSPs all over the world, helping define and establish accounting processes as well as running the day-to-day accounting operations of an MSP. She then decided to transition from Director of Finance to ConnectWise Consulting. Becky has helped hundreds of MSPs of all sizes from implementation and new instance build to assessment and renovation of Manage instances that have been in operation for 10 years in need of clean-up. When not in the office, Becky is most likely traveling, preferably hiking or climbing a mountain somewhere.

Meghan Kelly

Meghan started in the industry in 2018 as an administrative professional for a new MSP. During her time there, she implemented ConnectWise Manage and Sell creating an environment that boosted productivity and efficiency. Meghan understands the importance of implementing and customizing Connnectwise Manage and Sell for new and growing MSPs. She is dedicated to helping MSPs grow by leveraging these useful tools. When not working, Meghan enjoys spending time with her family and reading a good book.