ConnectWise Consulting and Training

At FocusPlanIT, Our ConnectWise Consulting Team is a Concentrated Team of Experts Focused Purely on Quality

FocusPlanIT is on a mission to help people build highly functioning and sustainable businesses leveraging existing ConnectWise implementations. When FocusPlanIT launched in 2013, founder Bill Black had been in the IT world for years. As part of the ConnectWise implementation team, he realized it was near impossible to find people who could set things up “the right way.” 

With a focus on quality, the FocusPlanIT ConnectWise consulting team is a concentrated team of experts who truly understand not just the ConnectWise Suite, but the industry as a whole. With a “heart of service,” the team brings an unparalleled level of dedication that powers the desire to make effective changes to help business owners streamline their ConnectWise implementations and grow the business.

Bill ConnectWise Implementation Consulting
Amy ConnectWise Manage Consulting
Calvin Consulting ConnectWise Manage & Sell
Becky ConnectWise Manage Consulting