ConnectWise Quickbooks Integration Training

Optimize Your ConnectWise Implementation and Streamline Your Business

The ConnectWise Suite is a powerful and robust business management solution that, with the right configuration, can save you time and money. FocusPlanIT knows most businesses don’t have the depth of knowledge, let alone the bandwidth to dedicate to fully optimizing their implementation. Our ConnectWise consulting team has spent years working directly with ConnectWise and Managed Service Providers (MSPs), learning the ins and outs of the tool’s potential, and we love what we do.

Leveraging our vast knowledge of the tools and the industry, our team of experts will work with you and your teams to configure and standardize existing processes based on your business’ goals. With a new, more sustainable and stable infrastructure in place, you will be able to reduce time spent on invoicing, new hire training, client onboarding, and even eliminate sales mistakes altogether.

Our ConnectWise Consulting team will help you streamline finance, operation, and sales processes with:

  •     ConnectWise Implementation
  •     ConnectWise Manage
  •     ConnectWise Training
  •     ConnectWise Sell
  •     ConnectWise QuickBooks Integration


Leverage ConnectWise to improve financial systems and its accuracy. Working with our ConnectWise consulting team you can expect help managing agreements and invoices as well as your ConnectWise QuickBooks integration. 


Leverage ConnectWise to develop a sustainable strategy for operations. Working with our ConnectWise consulting team you can expect help creating and executing a strategy that will streamline and expedite your help desk, projects, and overall management.


Leverage ConnectWise and ConnectWise Sell to expedite your sales process from gathering and organizing leads to procuring the products. Working with our ConnectWise consulting team you can expect to create accurate and efficient quotes, reduce sales mistakes, and improve procurement processes.